“The Cup”

I want to tell you a quick story, but to do so I need to give a teeny bit of exposition/backstory.   SUPER long story short, we are moving forward with donor sperm, and it’s exhausting and bureaucratic, and Manitoba’s extra hoop-jumping sucks, and we had to find out if my genetics would resist or […]

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Kids These Days!

I could write to update you about our continuing saga of “fun” with IVF – about the new instalment of shite news from the clinic, and the horrible way it continues to be run. I could write about needing to go snowshoe in a quiet forest to clear my mind after a very sad couple […]

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Scumbag Brain

So we went to begin the IVF process at our local clinic, and were met with more road blocks, delays, and tough decisions first. FFS. Then we went back for another appointment to begin the process (take 2) and had even more delays and news and decisions to make. I mean, I always knew that […]

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While we were out West, we got to do a river float through Calgary. The last time I did that, 2 friends and I almost died. Not even exaggerating! That is a story for a different time, mostly involving taking crappy advice and making poor choices. THIS float, however, was peaceful and delightful and I […]



So. IVF. Wonderful opportunity, incredible gift, terrifying experience, blah blah blah. I’m trying to look at it as something that I GET to do, rather than something that I HAVE to go through. So…good luck with that…I say to myself.   Truly though, I think that it will be a good exercise overall. Baby = […]

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