IUI with a side of FFS. Part 2.

As expected, my sleep was somewhat fitful the night before. Gotta love those SUPER helpful 4 am thoughts. What will it be like? Is it going to hurt? Dude, tomorrow I’m going to let a stranger put a different stranger’s semen inside me.  What does the plunger/turkey baster thingie look like? Is it like a crazy […]

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IUI with a side of FFS. Part 1.

  Okay. Where to start with this one. I’ve been really unmotivated to write about our first IUI treatment and I’m not sure why, but here goes.   After our mandatory counselling where we learned about our “inner cups”, we also learned that we could’ve been shopping for sperm for ages. (Another miscommunication from the […]

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Toxic Positivity

Movie trailer voice: “In a world where people are expected to be happy all of the time, living their best lives, it’s up to ONE WOMAN (well, each individual, really) to call the bullshit like they see it. She must brave the projected happy world of social media to complain about stuff, if stuff needs […]

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“The Cup”

I want to tell you a quick story, but to do so I need to give a teeny bit of exposition/backstory.   SUPER long story short, we are moving forward with donor sperm, and it’s exhausting and bureaucratic, and Manitoba’s extra hoop-jumping sucks, and we had to find out if my genetics would resist or […]

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Kids These Days!

I could write to update you about our continuing saga of “fun” with IVF – about the new instalment of shite news from the clinic, and the horrible way it continues to be run. I could write about needing to go snowshoe in a quiet forest to clear my mind after a very sad couple […]

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